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Dynamic core trainer roller

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Dynamic core trainer roller
Convenient and easy to use. 
Strengthen your core, burn calories, and tone your abs. The wheel has non-slip rubber and holds any floor surface. The AB roller wheel is made of stainless steel to ensure long-lasting durability. And it has padded handles for a comfortable grip.

Get a full-body workout in just a minute a day

From your shoulders and arms, through your abs and obliques, and all the way to your glutes and legs - CoreFlex4D upgrades the traditional Plank position to work your entire body. for a quick and extra-effective daily workout.

Boric static planks and ordinary crunches are a thing of the past!
By adding an element of movement and angles to the traditional plank,coreflex4d makes maintaining a balance more challenging, and stimulates more muscles, more effectively, essentially supercharging your abs and core workouts!
Each dynamic 4d workout works on more muscles group burn more calories and improves your core strength stability and balance.


Wide wheel with premium rubber coating, for increased back and forth movement control, without noise or damage to the floor. Suitable for all surfaces.

Curved, padded handle.  for a comfortable hold, secure grip, and increased angled movement control. Made of durable stainless steel for maximum support. 

Eliminates pressure on wrists and shoulders.  while exercising. Made of premium environmentally friendly high-density foam. 

Product Features: 

  • ✔ Wide wheel design: improved friction, improved stability, no harm to the ground, quiet.
  • ✔ Thick handle: High-density NBR foam sponge, soft and comfortable, deodorant and environmentally friendly, comfortable and portable for a long time.
  • ✔ Curved Contact Surface - Take care of the elbow joint without worrying about excessive pressure on the elbow during exercise.
  • ✔ FREE GIFT - Includes soft, high-density foam pad to prevent knee discomfort.
  • ✔ Build stronger muscles with abdominal and core exercise wheel, suitable for men and women: standing training, knee training, back training, sitting training, these four training methods can strengthen and adjust your abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms, and back.

● Ultra-comfortable hand grip
● Strengthens arms and shoulders
● Helps sculpt and tone abs
● Unique non-slip rubber wheel design for stable, smooth, and fluid movements


● Color: Gray
● Name: Abdominal Wheel
● Product Load: 440.9 lbs
● Function: ABS Training
● Size: Product Length and Width: 15.4 x 16.7 Inches, Wheel Width: 3898 Inches, Diameter of the wheel: 7087 in
● Weight: 61.73 oz
● Material: TPR + PP + PS + PA + stainless steel tube + ordinary steel tube + NBR + EVA foam

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